Sunday, March 25, 2012

Descanso Gardens visit

I didn't know this until Sunny told me, but Descanso Gardens had its annual Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend.
I have actually never seen cherry blossoms blooming in person before. How ironic this garden is so close to where a family friend lived for years.

They have ten different types of cherry blossoms in the garden. It was interesting to see all the people dolled up to take photos (I even saw someone decked out in a kimono).
Even though the festival part is over this weekend, the cherry blossoms probably aren't going to disappear in two days.

Other than the cherry blossoms, the garden is really a lovely place to just take a walk and explore. They have tons of different flowers growing and little rivers and lakes around. There's even a mini-train that goes around the garden if you want to sit and take in the sights. Even though I knew there were a ton of people walking around, the garden still felt tranquil and quiet.

Sometimes it felt like I was in a scene of a Ghibli film.

I hope I can go back because they have a garden devoted to roses, but unfortunately it's the wrong season. Based on the setup though, it's really a sight to see.

There was this little building in the middle of the rose garden, I'm not entirely sure why... the groundskeeper's house?

There are additional photos on my Instagram because my camera decided it wanted to die even though I charged it... mysterious.

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  1. Isn't it a lovely place?
    Hm hm, team mate,let's go there when the roses in full bloom, should be super impressive!;)