Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas present :D

Made for a friend whose favorite colors are blue, purple, and green~

6.5 x 13.7" illustration board.
Pencil, watercolor, Prismacolor, acrylic.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Multi-plane Group Show

I went to the Multi Plane Group Show at the Corey Helford Gallery:

This had nothing to do with the show. I just thought it was cute. >_>;

It was really amazing to see all of the work... I've got to work hard~

Social Issue

The final version! \\(=' v '=)//

... I like the babies.

9x11" Illustration board.
Technical pen, Prismacolor, Copic, Watercolor.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Illustration Friday 「Crunch(y)」

Whoops, I thought the word was "crunch..." Anyway~ it's a time crunch.

6x6" Bristol paper.
Technical pen + India ink&brush.

Illustration Friday 「Unbalanced」

Those "chibi/SD/Super Deformed" characters can't possibly stay balanced in reality... I mean, the little figurines always topple over as soon as you let them go :/

And the turtle can relate to the fact that once they're on their back, it's almost impossible to get back up... bummer.

7x7" Bristol paper.
Technical pen.

Correspondence project~

Long time no update~

We had to make an illustration based off of a personal note given to us.

My letter

My illustration

Growing Up
11x17" illustration board/print-out.
Sepia colored ink, pencil, watercolor, digital painting.

Illustration Friday 「Blur」

Without your glasses, your vision is blurry.

7x10" Bristol paper.
Technical pen + ink and brush.