Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy accidents?

Recently I got a couple of white ink pens  :]  As you can see, not the most opaque application from this one, but I kind of like the little textures created by layering the ink.

6 x 9.5" watercolor paper.

As I was painting this, the dropper wasn't... well, dropping any ink. So in confusion, I squeezed a tiiiiny bit more... and then it splattered onto the paper. I thought I'd leave it because it looks kind of interesting. Just think of it as her heel exploded or something... while smiling.

Please check your inks before using them, especially if you haven't for a while.

Friday, December 7, 2012


4.5 x 7" watercolor paper.

I tried out the dry brush technique with some India ink to create the shape of the ribbon. I always liked the texture dry brush creates, and the freeness of suggesting a shape rather than creating lines for tight control. It was a little challenge for me – in the beginning I was concerned about messing up the whole thing, but I'm happy with the results  :]

Since it's almost Christmas, here's a more holiday-themed color scheme: