Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wall~ ☆

These are all of the pieces we made for the upcoming group show "Everything But the Kitsch 'N Sync." It was really amazing seeing everyone's work together on the wall ♥

buehehehe~ ☼


The artist didn't want to take a picture with her painting... ; A;

★ Bonus ★
Here is a wildly unflattering picture they took of my dumb face when we were at the gallery... I don't know why I make such stupid faces when cameras are around... D;

Illustration Friday 「Propagate」

I drew someone (something?) asexually reproducing, kind of like a cell splitting :D

7x10" Bristol paper.
Color pencil, sepia pen+ink, ink+brush

Everything But the Kitsch 'N Sync group show

Here is my submission for the upcoming show at the La Luz de Jesus ⎝( > w < )⎠

12x16" panel. Watercolor, acrylic, India ink.

The opening reception is Friday, March 5th from 8 – 11pm. Hope to see you there~ ☀

Monday, February 15, 2010

And then on Sunday...

On Sunday I was in downtown LA, specifically in J-Town, so I went wandering after years of not visiting~

And I found this!

Actually, three of his books were available, but I bought only one~
The saleslady was hesitant to open the shrink-wrapped books for me because it clearly indicated 18+ to look at it in-store – the reason being very obvious, with his subject matter XD So she was studying my ID real hard. And then eventually she was like, "Ah, daijobu" and opened them.

A Couple Shows I Went To...

So, I went to a couple of shows on Friday...

♕ Andrew Hem's 'One Leads to Another' with Rebecca Artemisa Urias in the Project Room

Kind of looks like someone I know...? hehe.

♕ 'The Devil Made Me Do It' group show (opening)::