Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wall~ ☆

These are all of the pieces we made for the upcoming group show "Everything But the Kitsch 'N Sync." It was really amazing seeing everyone's work together on the wall ♥

buehehehe~ ☼


The artist didn't want to take a picture with her painting... ; A;

★ Bonus ★
Here is a wildly unflattering picture they took of my dumb face when we were at the gallery... I don't know why I make such stupid faces when cameras are around... D;


  1. Man, we could just have our own show! And nice to see my paintings included in your photos. <3 Ps, LMAO at the picture of you.

  2. haha, you're right>v<
    but...where is that photo?u know, the one u showed me, u and ur piece~?^^

    I think the last picture is pretty cute~:D