Monday, May 24, 2010

"UNCOMFORTABLE": The Otis Professionals Painting show opening

I wasn't a very good picture-taker that day...

Caroline with her paintings::

Some person with a lollipop::

Sunny with her painting::

And we added onto the paper with some doodles::

Additional pictures here (photographs by Amy Shimoshige)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"UNCOMFORTABLE": The Otis Professionals Painting show

Painting by JT Steiny

Hope to see you there!


Based on the song 'Jukebox Junkie.' ♫

11 x 14" Rives BFK paper.
Linoleum block print.


Based on the short story Tramontana about an ancient, cursed wind that drives people insane to the point of suicide in the town of Cadaques. The wind is described "as if it were a hateful woman, but one without whom his life would lose its meaning" (136).

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. "Tramontana." Strange Pilgrims. 1992.

9 x 12" cradled wood panel.
Prismacolor, Watercolor, India ink.

Fortune cookie

"Flattery will go far tonight."
The black widow spun her web of deceit, trapping an unsuspecting victim...

18 x 24" wood panel.
Prismacolor, Watercolor, India ink.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Senior Show 2010 + WWA Gallery

I went to the Senior Show (technically) yesterday!

It says, "The truth behind the birds and the bees: If the bee stings you, it will leave a nasty bump and leave."

haha, I know the feeling Mr. Penguin...

Congratulations seniors~

We also went to the WWA Gallery to see Julian Callos' opening in the Project Room::