Friday, June 1, 2012


So I'll be the first to admit, I love shoes. You can probably diagnose me as a shoe addict.

Most of my life I've worn 'flat' shoes, but recently I've taken to tottering about in heels. The higher, the better... but not for my feet. I was introduced to a whole new world of pain that is known as Wearing Heels for an Extended Amount of Walking.
And apparently, I'm not exactly alone in this opinion, based on this amusing post from Extra Petite's blog... from the perspective of a boyfriend: read here

I'm also a very stubborn person, so I'm not going to give up entirely on wearing heels – I do have my tiny collection now, after all – but I went back to exploring my options of shoes with a flat sole.

Here are the ones I found myself bookmarking and checking back on:

Jeffrey Campbell - Hampton
Doc Martens - 1460 Victorian Flowers
Matiko - Lilo
minimarket - Flat Lace-Up Cutout
Jeffrey Campbell - Elegant Velvet
I was a bit sad when these were no longer available in my size.

Won Hundred - Graham
UNIF - Hellraiser
Even though black/silver is probably the most practical/versatile, I do like the wine/silver version.

All 5 x 4"
Acrylic + graphite.

Available as a set here

Are there any shoes you've been eyeing?  :]


  1. ♥ ♥ ♥ Doc Martens - 1460 Victorian Flowers

    1. ♡ They carry them at a shoe store near my home now; ahh temptation.

  2. LOVE the Matiko Lilo and have had my eye on the Sundance Catalog's Ramblin' Moccasins...

    1. The mint color Lilo is so nice! I had my eye on the pink version as well.

      I just checked out the Ramblin' Moccasins, I love the pattern on them! They look so comfortable ♡