Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crime and Punishment

Happy 2012! It is now Year of the Dragon.

I've been trying to keep myself busy and make this year an even better one than last year. My website went on a diet and now I think it looks sleeker and more streamlined than before! Take a look for yourself :]

While I was sorting through my work, I realized I never posted about this book cover I made a while ago.
I never had to read Crime and Punishment while I was in school, so I picked it up
out of curiosity and read it myself. The story is essentially about a man who murders two people with an axe, then begins a descent into madness. I thought the story picked up around the middle and I had a hard time putting it down after that until the very end.

Crime and Punishment.
8 x 12"
Graphite + digital.

Also, here is a photo of the first completed piece of the new year:

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