Friday, December 9, 2011

You're In Love Again

I've been working on this on and off for quite a while, letting it sit around my workspace in various stages of completion.

This piece was inspired by Jacob Borshard's song 'You're In Love Again.' It's a bittersweet song about being on the unfortunate end (angle?) of a love triangle featuring a ukelele! Nice to hear the instrument being used in a different style than Hawaiian music, like I'm used to.

In Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, but now it can also be interpreted as a sign of friendship or sympathy. Ivy is associated with fidelity, friendship, affection, survival, and determination.

You're In Love Again.
10 x 14" watercolor paper.
Graphite + acrylic.

I also entered it as a CD mock-up for Laminate's Most Wanted 2 inspired by James Jean and Lori Earley. Please take a look at the amazing entries (including one by my friend Sunny Gu) and vote here!


  1. Oh, OH!
    This is exceptional

  2. Yeah! The final came out super good!

    Love the concept + color scheme!
    The composition is so thought out and very lovely sense of depth created by the layered plants!

    I can't wait to see your next piece!<3

  3. Beautiful piece! Love your blog ;)

  4. This is beautiful as a painting and as a CD cover!

  5. nice idea, thanks for sharing...