Saturday, September 21, 2013

Topshop Styled and Illustrated: Last day of summer

Tomorrow will be the first 'official' day of fall, and the air has been getting colder. Unless the weather randomly spikes up again in LA, it's time to pull out jackets and boots. Even though I like warm summer days, it's hard to beat sitting around with a warm cup of your favorite drink and a bowl of spicy soup. Plus I really like fall/winter clothes – I am totally not looking forward to new jackets, coats, and boots, what are you talking about?

Pink Scallop Texture Bikini top + bottom || GWENDA Pointed Courts || Drop Lens Round Sunglasses


  1. I absolutely love the flamingo's! Lovely piece of art, I'm jealous! X

  2. Aw, so chic and pretty!
    haha, the clumsy flamingo on the left made me smile!:)