Monday, November 19, 2012

Music: Your Hand In Mine ♫

Your Hand in Mine is a duo from Greece in the vein of moshimoss with ambient instrumental music.

I couldn't find the EP on Inner Ear Records' bandcamp anymore, but the album is still streaming on their site

2. The Youngest One Had a Rose in His Mouth
4. Formaica

2. Waitress Omitsu Came Back
5. At the Bar I
6. Neighbours
7. The Stranger
9. Sudative Luminareten
12. Father and Son
16. Dinner
18. The Decision
20. Please, Surrender
22. Outro

haha everything.

All albums streamed on Your Hand In Mine's website
'Every Night Dreams' and 'The Garden Novels' available on Inner Ear Records' Bandcamp and on iTunes.

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