Sunday, February 19, 2012

Smile Down Upon Us album cover

Smile Down Upon Us is actually a collaborative project between moomLooo in Japan and Keiron Phelan and David Sheppard (of Phelan Sheppard) in London. Keiron and David have actually have never met moomLooo, and they hardly know a thing about one another... mysterious collaborations.
At any rate, it's a successful combination with Keiron and David providin
g instrumentals and spoken words, and moomLooo providing additional instrumentals and vocals in both English and Japanese.

9.5 x 9.5" (original).
Graphite + digital.

I was inspired by moomLooo's hairstyle and overall aesthetic - it strikes me as a bit mori-kei (If you're unfamiliar, here's an article providing a definition as well as a tumblr and blog for a visual feel of the style).
Smile Down Upon Us would be the type of music I'd choose for a magical, relaxing walk through nature :]

They also did a lovely cover of 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips':

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