Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portrait :: 京 + WIP

I am currently working on another piece, but I did a small painting with the leftover colors on my palette. I had to replace the paper and since the colors floating around weren't going to be used on the painting in progress, why waste it?

... Which turned into a portrait of Kyo with the look from 'The Final.'

3.69 x 4.4" Stonehenge paper.
Graphite + acrylic.

And here's a little WIP shot ::


  1. wow!another one!yeah!i like the color choices, tie color<3

    can't wait to see the big one!>V<)/

  2. I love what I see with the fox drawing

  3. Team mate :: Yeah! Thank you > w < haha, yes, big one is on the way.

    Taylor :: Thanks! :]