Friday, June 24, 2011

What I Wore Today

No actually I lied. I'm in my pajamas. :I

The outfit is not uncommon for me, however. If anyone was ever curious how I dress, this is pretty much how. haha.
I kept saying I wanted to do these What I Wore Today illustrations, and finally did one. Maybe there will be more in the future? Then I can be more aware of the fact I basically wear the same five things 35097834289398734258793 times.

This is for Gemma Correll's upcoming book chronicling her "What I Wore Today" series, which is adorable. She has kindly included possible space for other people to have their illustrated outfits published, so here is my little entry :]

Please see all the awesome contributions to the What I Wore Today (drawings only) Flickr group and hopefully submit some of your own!
I like how mine is pretty much the darkest one on the page of lovely submissions.

6 x 9" Stonehenge paper.
Graphite + digital.


  1. Team mate, this one's amazing!
    And yeah! We finished them! haha,maybe we should all do a painting or two a day from now on?

  2. Nice outfit and self-portrait! I'm intrigued by the pose you chose ~ so expressive. If I were to paint what I wore, I'd probably just draw a standard "fashion" view standing or walking toward the viewer ~ not so imaginative as your crouch which has far more emotion, interesting negative space and still shows off the outfit. Really nice! :)

  3. Team mate :: Thank you~ Yeah, maybe...

    Kimi :: Wow, thank you for all the kind words! >///< ♥