Saturday, September 19, 2009

Acrylic #2

This is my second acrylic painting - we were supposed to do portraits, so I picked Kyo from Dir en grey. I know this is totally shocking. I did this from an actual picture, so it's not like, "Wow, I have incredible portrait skills!"

Here is the photograph I used as reference.

I wanted it to be fairly monochromatic, all purple with kind of a pastel-y background... because come on, it's Kyo. Nice, pastel-y purple is not the first color I associate with him.
I almost made this acrylic of Miyavi, but like I said, I thought it would be more amusing for me if it was a painting of Kyo instead. So there you have it. Maybe next time, ne?


Oh yes, and if anyone is curious about this guy...
'Conceived Sorrow' + [unplugged version]
'Lie Buried with a Vengeance' [this may be offensive to someone... I find the end part to be very amusing.]
PV for 'Ain't Afraid to Die'
PV for 'OBSCURE' [it might also be disturbing or offensive so um... I warned you?]
These are all Youtube videos, so yes... hopefully they all work, this computer has no audio.

After I finished the painting, I scraped sandpaper down it in some places to give it a different texture.

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